The Project

Prometheus-5 project is co-funded by European Commission under the SME instrument-phase 2 call of Horizon 2020

Primary objective of Prometheus-5 project is the industrialization of a highly innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly power production unit for decentralized power generation (Prometheus-5).

The specific objectives and challenges which we target to address during the two-years Prometheus-5 project are the followings:

  • To standardize the manufacturing process for industrial mass production of Prometheus-5
  • To apply and test alternative, efficient and economic manufacturing processes for various product sub-systems (heat exchangers, steam generator, reactors, etc)
  • To build 10 prototypes and perform extensive field testing in different environments.
  • To confirm attainment of electrical efficiency above 35% and overall (electrical + thermal) efficiency above 85% (in CHP mode) under field operation.
  • To confirm significant reduction of the carbon footprint compared to conventional technologies.
  • To perform product certification, initially for Europe, the U.S.A. and Japan.
  • To identify financial/manufacturing partners and vendors for commercialization of the product in Europe, U.S., Japan, India, Brazil and China.
  • To complete the design of a production line with capacity of 5,000 units per year.