The Product

The Helbio's power system (H2PS-5) is of nominal capacity of 5 kW electric power, while in the combined heat and power (CHP) mode, it can also produce up to 7 kW thermal energy in the form of hot water. The unit is a multi-fuel one and it can be operated with conventional fossil fuels (propane/LPG and Natural gas (NG)) or Biogas (BG). The device is able to convert the fuel into electrical and thermal power by means of a fuel processor which converts the fuel and water into hydrogen and a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell. The unit is equipped with a power management system, delivering electrical energy in the form required (DC or AC, grid connected or stand alone), depending on application. It has the ability to operate in the range of 40-100% of its nominal capacity. Its electrical efficiency is greater than 35% (based on LHV), while total efficiency exceeds 85%.

The integrated system consists of the following sub-units:

  • Fuel processor/hydrogen production unit, where hydrogen production takes place via the reformation of the feeding fuel
  • Low temperature PEM fuel cell stack, where power production takes place using the produced hydrogen from the fuel processor
  • Batteries and electronic power management systems, where the excess produced power is managed
  • Control system, capable to control the unit and to achieve proper, smooth and safe operation of the integrated system

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